Omlm was founded by David Ronald and was officially launched in July 2011.

0mlm 0MLM is no longer in business however they offered a free to join program and relies on internet affiliate marketing to earn profits for its members. The 0mlm system is owned by DMCubed Ltd, located in the UK.

When signing up with OMLM you got 5 websites and

you have the option of a free sub-domain or purchasing a unique domain. Right now only the dating and magic sites are up and running and the gaming, voucher, and finance sites should be up by the end of the year or at least that is what David Ronald and his team are working toward at OMLM.

When on the home page one of the first things they offer you is a $25 dollar credit just for signing up. This will only be paid out when your account balance reaches $100. Your only job is to add content to your site and blog. You add content to your site by going to YouTube and finding videos that you would like to use on your niche sites. Next you also have to update your blog with fresh new content daily. Some of you might be asking Why? And that is simple because the search engines love new unique content.

Finally OMLM has the ability to be around simple because it is what it says it is, Free! This is the perfect business opportunity for those novice internet marketers who are not familiar with html codes and new to affiliate marketing. While also allowing the expert affiliate marketer to grow there network marketing skills. OMLM has to potential to grow way beyond our expectations right now simply because it is so new and convenient, but remember that this is not a get rich quick method it takes hard work, dedication, consistency and knowledge. I can help with the knowledge the rest is in you hands.

0mlm members earn a percentage of digital product sales, affiliate traffic and advertising on their sites up to 5 levels deep. 0mlm members are paid via Paypal® or Alertpay™ when their account reaches a minimum of $100. Account balances under $100 are not paid to members and are considered property of DMCubed.