business-closed-sign-india-trip-obama-mumbai-diwali-festival-sad-hill-news2Plus7 is now operating under the name Kootiki. Kootiki is a search engine that pays commissions

The co-founders are Dean Sasser and Dean Gutch. Dean Gutch bought out the business from his partner Dean Sasser and is now beginning to build back up the business. He is changing the name to Kootiki reps are still a 2plus7 member as they are changing the name and interface, 2plus7 LLC still remains as the company.


Compensation Plan: Unilevel changes from Strait Line Linear

Not a Member of the DSA

Company Websites: ( now a SEO Company owned by Dean Gutch no longer operating as an MLM)

Company Address
3303 Merchant Ct.
Wilmington, NC 28405

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